Paddington Class being Connected

This week is Mental Health Week, we have been thinking about how we are all connected and how we can support ourselves and each other.  Today we started by playing a game where we each took time to think of something we really like and pass a ball of string to some one else who agrees with us.  At the end we could see all the connections we have between us as a class.  Then we decorated a paper link with al they things we love and joined them together to make a paperchain. It was interesting taking time to think about what we enjoy and what we have in common with other members of our class.  Here are some questions we thought about?

What is your favourite animal?

What is your favourite food?

What do you love to do at the weekend?

What colour makes you feel happy?

We will be more mindful in year one and have a different activity planned for the end of each day.  Funny Friday will end with us sharing a joke, so if you have any great jokes to share please do let mw know!

Mrs Egan

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