Learning about the Jewish Faith

This term, year one will be learning about the Jewish Faith.  If there are any families from this faith who would be interested in coming to school to talk to us about your belief please do contact the office as we would love to hear from you.

Today we talked about what is important to us in our lives and shared our thoughts about things we own as well as our family and friends.  We then learnt that people who follow the Jewish faith have a holy book and part of it is called the Torah.  We also learnt that they believe the most important thing in life are the words on the Torah.  This is because Jewish people believe these words are the messages from their God to and give instructions about how we should live our lives.  We also learnt that the Torah is usually a scroll rather than a traditional book.

We looked at other objects that are play a part of the Jewish faith and asked lots of questions about them, these included:

  • Why is the kippah hat so small?
  • Why is the candle plaited?
  • Why does the Kiddush cup have a tray?
  • When do they light the candle?

We will be finding out the answer to these questions and many more over the next few weeks.


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