What a fantastic start to the term!

Over the past two weeks, Ennis class have dived into many new topics and have been learning so much!

In maths we have started our division unit, focusing on grouping and sharing. The children enjoyed placing a range of objects into equal groups and then have applied this knowledge when moving onto sharing objects when solving a mathematical problem.

In Science we carried out an experiment focusing on the question… Is a flame living? The adults safely lit a tealight and discussed how we know when something is living. We then observed the flame carefully and watched for any changes before placing a glass over the flame. We noticed that the flame slowly went out after the glass was placed over it due to a lack of oxygen required by the flame. After we wrote up the experiment discussing our predictions, observations, method, result and conclusions.

In geography we have started a new unit focusing on Mapping Northampton and Inner London and exploring the enquiry question…How can we use maps to locate human and physical features. Lesson one focused on the question…How can we find our way. During the lesson the children explored a compass and directions focusing on North, East, South and West and then applied their knowledge to answering questions about a map. In lesson two we then used this knowledge to explore a range of maps and began to use the keys and symbols to identify features on a map.

A child in Ennis class then went home and produced a wind mechanism. How creative!

Keep up the hard work Ennis class!

Miss Fantozzi

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