World Book Day 2023

This week in Ennis class we celebrated World Book Day. We started our day with a stay and read, where we shared some our favourite books with an adult and our peers. It was brilliant to have our parents in school and share our love for reading.


















Then we continued our day with a reading lesson, focusing on the book The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, where we discussed how a character changes through out a text. After Year 4 visited our class. We paired up and read to each other. It was brilliant to hear such wonderful reading through-out the classroom and we enjoyed having the older children read to us.

Then as part of World Book Day, we had a book in a box competition at school. Many children participated choosing their favourite books to showcase in their boxes and there was so many creative outcomes. I was blown away!

Well done to our chosen winner for their fantastic book in a book. All children received a world book day certificate for their hard work and creative outcomes.

After school, reading club visited the library and ended the day discussing their favourite books and authors with their peers.

What a fantastic day!

Miss Fantozzi

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