Celebrating British Science Week in Mozart class

This afternoon, Mozart class celebrated British Science Week! This year’s theme is ‘Connections’, so we spent time thinking about examples of connections (and soon realised they are everywhere!) We discussed connections in our bodies, connections to other planets and connections with other people. We then had a go at a few fun activities based on this theme.

First, we created a class fingerprint poster. The children rubbed their pencils on a piece of paper, then pressed their thumbs onto the pencil rubbing. After this, they placed their thumbs on the sticky side of a piece of sellotape, before sticking this sellotape onto a sheet of paper. It was amazing to see how unique each of our fingerprints are!

Then, we became Victorian inventors. The children were asked to think about any problems they would like to solve at home, for example to do with eating, cooking or cleaning. We then had a look at some example Victorian designs, and the children used these to help them create their very own invention plans!

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