A creative week in Paddington Class

Paddington Class have had another brilliant week!

  • They have amazed me again with their skills as authors and have produced some excellent reports about Minions, remembering the tools we need to include as well as coming up with some creative ideas.
  • We have had a great Science lesson looking at signs of Spring which included spotting frogs in our school garden which was very exciting! If you look carefully you can see them in the photo below.
  • In maths we have been finding halves and quarters of objects and amounts and the children working with determination and some with systematic methods which was great to see.  They were able to investigate if all quantities (number of objects) can be halved and quartered and find any patterns in their results.
  • In PE the children worked creatively to make balances with a partner.
  • In DT we have been putting the finishing touches to our moving pictures and evaluating our work.  Their have been some fantastic creations from a Minion with moving arms with a sliding banana and a ballerina with moving legs to a rocking boat surrounded by moving fish and football match with moving players and spinning footballs.

Great work Paddington Class, I am looking forward to you sharing your reports and moving pictures with your friends tomorrow, you should all be really proud of yourselves!

Mrs Egan

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