Celebrating British Science Week in Year 3

This week, Year 3 have been celebrating British Science Week! This year’s theme is ‘Connections’, so we spent time thinking about examples of connections (and soon realised they are everywhere!) We discussed connections in our bodies, connections to other planets and connections with other people. We then had a go at a creating our own investigation.

We decided to investigate the impact of soap and hand sanitiser and investigate if one is more effective than the other at killing germs. We did this by using bread, the adults touched the bread before cleaning their hands and after cleaning their hands with either soap or hand sanitiser. We then left the bread in a sealed bag with all bread in the same place so it is a fair test.

We have been observing each day over the week and so far we have not noticed any changes in the bread. We have learnt this week that scientists have to preserve and have patience.

The children have been brilliant at using their observation and discussion skills! Well done everyone!

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