Robinson Class

What a fantastic three days we have had to start the year in Robinson class. It has been wonderful for all the children to meet their new peers and enjoy the changes in the classroom. (We have particularly enjoyed the new toys in class!)

In English, the children have been writing poems about their holiday. The children thought carefully about the sounds they can hear in words in order to spell phonetically. Many of the children included similes and adjectives to add detail to their poems. It has been wonderful to hear what they have been up to over the summer.

In Maths, one group have been learning to count objects to 10. The children have used a variety of different representations to learn how to count efficiently. In group two, the children have been learning how to partition number in different ways to find missing numbers. For example 20 + ____ = 54. The children have used dienes and part part whole models to make the number and then find the missing box.

In Art, the children have begun to learn how to draw portraits. We have looked at famous celebrities and the shapes we can see in their faces. We then worked on drawing a range of shapes in different ways. The children enjoyed working out if their faces were triangular, square, circular, oval etc.

It is great to be back together and I look forward to another fantastic year in Robinson class.

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