Churchill: A fabulous start to the year!

Churchill Class have had a fantastic first week in Year 6. The children have begun their persuasive writing unit in English, place value work in maths, character description in reading, WW2 topic in history and all of the routines that make the school day run smoothly.

As part of our English work on Friday, the children generated some fantastic vocabulary words to describe the personality traits of different characters in Harry Potter. On Thursday in history, the children learnt that there were many factors that led to the outbreak of the second World War, and the names of the Allied and Axis powers. The children have also had an opportunity to share their fantastic summer projects about Winston Churchill.

Well done to everyone for a truly brilliant start to Year 6 ; the children have really impressed us with their fantastic behaviour for learning and the way in which they have settled so quickly, especially taking into account the exceptionally hot weather!

Mrs Hateley and Mrs Phelps

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