A Great Week!

This week Wiggins Class had a visit from Jean from the Northampton branch of Guide Dogs. She brought her friend with her called Gill who was accompanied by Holly, her guide dog. The children asked so many good questions about the role of guide dogs and listened attentively with great interest. We were told about the importance of not distracting a working dog when they are wearing their harness, how long they have to train for and that there are some quite naughty guide dogs who have to stop working and become pets!

We are also waiting patiently for the water in our fish tank to be safe for some fish. Mrs Egan visited the aquatic centre and was told that we must wait longer until all the nitrates and nitrites are at the correct level before adding fish to the tank. Although we are all a little excited about the arrival of our fish, we understand the importance of having a safe tank first.

Wiggins Class are also developing their independence and cutting skills through work in the kitchen. This week they had to develop a recipe and make their own pasta bake. I am looking forward to hearing what the children thought about their meals as they all told me they were going to be having them for tea on Friday night!


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