Year 1- Paddington

We have been busy bees in Paddington class and have been learning so much I think we all deserve the week break!!

English- Last week the children became confident in retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk following pictures and actions. The children then rewrote the story in their books. This week, the children unveiled a secret……. Mrs Morrison was caught on camera sneaking into the Giant’s castle to steal a magic bean. When she was there, she discovered that the Giant was actually very kind and helpful. The children then thought about their stories and whether we should steal from the Giant. As a class we created a conscience alley, the children choose whether they wanted to steal from the giant or whether they wanted to ask the Giant for help. A child was selected to walk down the middle of the alley whilst the children whispered their ideas on whether Jack should steal the egg. I was very impressed with everybody’s ideas and they convinced me to change my story to ask the Giant if we could borrow the golden egg for a few days. The children then had the chance to change their own stories and on Thursday they rewrote the ending to either steal or ask the Giant for help. Well done Paddington Class!



Maths- The children have been developing their understanding of place value by building number using the numicon and then discussing the value of the numbers created. To begin with we looked at teen numbers (12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19). The children used the sentence I have__ tens and ___ units to understand the different values of a number.


Art- This term the children have been working hard to create their final owl/hedgehog piece. The children began this process by sketching their owl or hedgehog in their books using a step by step approach. They then transferred this onto A3 paper and began mixing powder paint to add detail. The final pieces are fantastic and I am so proud of what the class has achieved.







In forest school, the children have been combining technology and nature to take pictures of the different bugs we could find in the forest. To begin the session, I read a book to the children which detailed where we would find certain animals. The children then used magnifying glasses, buckets, brushes and spades to try to locate some of the insects we had looked at. Finally, the children took pictures on the tablets of the bugs they had found!







Well done Paddington Class for a fantastic start to the year! I hope you have a lovely break and I will see you back at school on Tuesday 30th October!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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