Year 2 Ennis – The Papaya that Spoke!

This morning, after we had settled down after spelling, Mrs Wood came in and brought a package that had been delivered.

When I opened it up and looked inside, to my amazement, there was something in there. Not only did it have eyes, it spoke to me too! HANDS OFF! It shouted.

On closer inspection it appeared to be a Papaya. We hadn’t ever seen one of these before and it smelt quite funny!

Luckily, I remembered that there is a story about a Papaya, a farmer, his dog, a fisherman, a shepherd and a king. I told the story and we decided that we should learn it too.

Have a look at our story map below. Can you retell the first part of the story at home, using the actions?

We are going to be putting the next section of the story on our map tomorrow so keep practising!

Miss Gedney

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