Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Talk for Writing

This week we have started learning the story Elf Road. We have been practising how to retell the story by reading the story map and doing the actions. So far, Year 4 have done a fantastic job at remembering the story! Here are the story map pictures so that you can carry on practising at home:

Paragraph 1:

Poppy had always been curious. One sunny afternoon, she was walking down Elf Road when she saw something unusual. In the brick wall, there was an ancient, wooden door. The metal handle was shaped like a dragon’s mouth. Gently, she turned it and the door creaked open.


Paragraph 2:

Inside, there was a huge, dark hall. On an enormous table, someone had set out a great feast with thick slices of juicy chicken, huge bowls of green salad, glass jars of fresh fruit and silver plates of sweet puddings. Hundreds of tiny people were serving steaming pies, scarlet strawberries like gleaming embers and tall glasses of creamy drinks. They were dressed in curious clothes with scarlet cloaks, yellow shoes and crimson caps. Poppy tried to talk to the tiny people but they did not say a single word!

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