Year 2 Ennis – Pencil Dictionary Art

In our Art lessons this term we have enjoyed practising our Pencil Dictionary skills. A pencil dictionary helps us to practise our fine motor and pencil control skills. It is a great way to explore mark making in different ways and look at the outcome carefully to see how we have improved these skills.

Today, we used a Christmas outline to practise these skills and chose from a stocking, a bauble or a Christmas tree. The children were encouraged to use the whole page and split their picture into sections to help them use one skill in each section.

After lots of practice this term, I am incredibly proud of the outcome! It has been brilliant to see progress made so far this term.


After practising our pencil dictionary skills, we then moved onto drawing an image. Following the Christmas theme, we decided to use a reindeer. I modelled the drawing carefully to the children and they had to watch each step to see what came next. We talked a lot about having a growth mindset and learning from our mistakes – we all make mistakes and that is what helps us to improve! For example, I did not leave enough space for my reindeer antlers on my first picture, so I tried again and improved it the second time. The improvements made can be seen in the children’s pictures below with some numbered examples!

Well done Ennis class!


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