Year 2 Ennis: Romeo and Juliet

Welcome back Ennis Class!

We have had a great few days back and have been excitedly learning about Romeo and Juliet.

So far, we have opened the story suitcase and found an empty story book and a story pot. We now know who the main characters are and have been putting this information into the story pot so that we can begin to build up our story.

Romeo is tall, dark and handsome and has eyes that sparkle like diamonds! He is very brave and walks around Verona in Italy proudly, with his head held high. We enjoyed writing about him on Friday.

Today, we learnt some more character names and began to link them to each other based on their family and their role. We wore the signs and costumes that came out of the story suitcase and placed ourselves in a human family tree on the carpet before drawing our own family tree.

Have a look at Sophie’s family tree below. She has also shown some of the relationships between the characters. We worked sytematically and carefully to arrange the family tree and are now confident with most of the characters.
Tomorrow we are going to start looking at some of the text in Shakespearean language!

Well done Ennis Class.

Miss Gedney


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