Year 4 – Key Skills and Times Table Rockstars Achievements!

Please make sure that one of your new year resolutions this year is to make sure you are completing your key skills and reading. Remember that dojos are given out each week to those children who have completed their Key Skills!

Key Skills is set on a Friday and due in on the next Wednesday each week. Please make sure that you get your diary signed every time you read so that we can see how you are getting on. It has been great to see lots of you finishing some of the Year 4 ‘100 Books’ and completing a lovely book review to share with others and add to our display. We will be trying to find some time to share some of these book reviews in class so make sure to read your books at least three times a week so that you can fill in a review and share it with everyone!

Over the last term we have seen a huge improvement with times tables. It is great to see so many of you logging on to Times Table Rockstars each week. We are very pleased to say that two children in Year 4 are at the top of the whole school leader board, holding 1st and 2nd place! An amazing achievement! We will be continuing to hold lunch time sessions for TTRs throughout the week so that everyone has an opportunity to log on and join in. These lunch time sessions have been really popular and all of your hard work is paying off. Why not set yourself a challenge and see if you can improve your Rockstar status before the end of the month?!

There will be an opportunity for children to stay in at lunch time on a Tuesday to complete their Key Skills if they know they have not yet done it and will not be able to do it before the Wednesday. Following this, children who have not completed their Key Skills by the Wednesday will need to complete it Wednesday lunch time.

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