Year 1: Paddington Art

We were very lucky yesterday as Mrs Watson came into our classroom to help us perfect our skills using powder paint. We have been learning all about No-bot the Robot so we had a go at drawing his face. We noticed that the face was not square but in fact a cube so Mrs Watson taught us how to use dots and lines to make the face 3D. Once we had finished our sketching and thought about the facial expression we wanted our robot to pull, we began to paint. I was very impressed as the children listened carefully to the instructions to prepare their desk with the correct equipment all by themselves. The children listened to how they needed to mix the colours and how to fill in Bernard’s face using squares to show definition. Can you tell a member of your family how you made your robot?


Freya- My favourite thing was painting the squares.

Anay- I liked everything about the morning.

Ella- I loved painting the cubes on the robot.

Libby- I loved drawing the outline of the robot and then painting it.

Anthony- I loved everything.

Bethany- I loved painting the robot because it was fun.

Alexandra- I loved listening to Mrs Watson so I could draw a really good robot.

Samuel- I loved everything because it was fun.

Indie-Rose- I liked Mrs Watson because she was funny and she really helped me.

Isabel- I liked making the different shades of red using red, yellow and blue.

Beau- I loved everything because it was all fun and I did a good job.



Miss Leatherland 🙂

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