Year 1: Paddington Windy Forest School

Yesterday Year 1 took to the high speed winds and completed a slightly different forest school to normal. We managed to dodge the rain and had a lesson that focussed around the wind itself. The children went onto the field and first had to try and find the windiest place on the field. They stuck their arms up high to try and find the best stop. Next we played games using fabrics, running into the wind and away from it to see how the fabric reacted. This was great fun and a bit like flying a kite. The children played and explored with different materials to see which ones caught the wind the most. We learnt the thinner and lighter the material, the more it danced in the wind.

Once we had experimented with the different fabrics, the children tried to run into the wind with their arms out to feel the resistance. We then ran away from the wind with our arms out to feel it pushing us forwards. We played other games such as chase the leaf and tried to work out the direction the wind was blowing in.


Although it was very muddy, we had great fun and the children all learnt something about the weather.


Miss Leatherland

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