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The silver medallists!


Cross country team.
1st place medal winner!
1st place medal winner!
Here are the lads from last Thursday’s match at CCS. A great game with plenty of skill, fabulous team work and some narrow misses at the goal. The fantastic score reflects all their effort. Goal scorers Alex, Tyler and Harry – SdS -7 CCS – 1
Both teams played against Queen Eleanor on Friday. They were tight matches but fabulous wins, with skills displayed and perseverance. Year 5/6 came back from behind with a solid score and never gave up. Year 3/ 4 kept the goals coming and showed how to space out and use every player on the pitch. Score: Year 5/6, SdS -5 QE – 3. Year 3 /4, SdS -7 QE – 2.


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