Year 1 trip to the park!

What a beautiful morning!! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Year 1 walked to Grangewood park to see the bluebells and other flowers. The children are beginning to learn about a new book called ‘The Curious Garden.’ To immerse themselves into this book we went to the park to explore the plants and use magnifying glasses to take a closer look. I was very impressed with the children’s behaviour, it was a fun morning for everyone.


Our favourite bits:

Libby- My favourite thing was using the magnifying glasses to look closely at the flowers.

Ella- Being with my friends in the park.

Grace- My favourite thing was playing in the park. The bluebells were pretty and smelt like honey that’s why the bees like them.

Beau- My favourite thing was everything!!

Anthony- My favourite thing was all of it

Yusuf- I liked finding things in the park.

Indie-Rose- I loved looking at the bugs on the flowers with the magnifying glasses.

Jude- I liked looking at the bees that were on the flowers.

Everyone- we loved looking at the bluebells


Well done everyone!

Year 1 Team!

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