Year 1: Trip to Woburn

WOW what a fantastic day we have had in Year 1 at Woburn Safari Park. The day began with a short journey on the bus and then a safari trip around the rhinos, tigers, wolves, lions, zebra, monkeys, giraffes and many more! The children were very excited and loved seeing the different animals!

When we got off the bus we had a quick snack and then listened to an Australian lady talk about life in Australia and the animals you can find there. We walked around the wallabies and rheas and even saw some babies! It was fantastic!!

Next we ate our lunch altogether and then Matilda class went to a classroom talk and Paddington Class walked around the foot safari. In the classroom talk we learnt about cheetahs, zebras and snakes! The children touched the skin of a cheetah and zebra and some of the children touched a real life snake (everyone was very brave).

After both classes had attended the classroom session, we headed to a talk about the elephants! The man told the elephants to do different things so he could check their health. He looked at their feet, in their ears and in their mouth. It was great to see!

Everyone fully enjoyed the day and I am sure we will all sleep well tonight!

Thank you very much for your support with this trip!


Miss Leatherland and Mrs Skuse!


Paddington’s favourite bits:

Bethany- My favourite part was looking at the snakes because they felt slimy.

Freya- I liked looking at the elephants because they were interesting.

Grace- My favourite thing was watching the monkey sit next to the bus because it was very funny.

Ella- I liked looking at all of the animals because they were different.

Anay- My favourite thing was when we saw the tigers because they were stripy.

Yusuf- I liked when we drove the bus around the safari park.

Libby- I liked it when we were looking at the monkeys through the window because it was funny.

Anthony- I liked when we touched the snakes because it was smooth and different.

Faith- My favourite part was everything.

Olivia- My favourite thing was everything because I loved seeing all the animals.

Jude-  I liked when we looked at the giraffes because they came really close to the bus.

Beau- My favourite thing was everything because it was all very good fun.

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