Year 1 Paddington: Forest School, New Playground Equipment and Art!

Paddington Class have finally been able to go to forest school in their sun hats to enjoy the glorious weather and we certainly made the most of it! The children sang the Forest School song and then we began to make our names out of natural resources. The children had to search the forest for different twigs, thinking about the length and thickness of the twigs, to create letters for the names. The children had to think about the type of twigs they were using and whether they could be bent or snapped to help form the letters. Each child showed perseverance, especially those with longer names, to create the final piece and I was very proud with their work.

Once the children had made their name they had time to explore the forest. Some children completed a scavenger hunt and tried hard to find up to 30 different things in the forest! Other children used natural resources to make instruments and we even had a band create some interesting music!

Playground equipment : The children thoroughly enjoyed playing on the new playground equipment today! We went nice and slowly to get used to it but soon they were whizzing round with confidence and humungous smiles on their faces!

Indigenous Art: The children have been learning all about Indigenous Art in Australia. We have been practicing our dot patterns and have learnt about rock paintings and what the painting and symbols meant. This afternoon the children used water to create rock paintings by representing symbols in different ways. I was very impressed with their creativity to complete this task and the outcomes were fantastic!


Have a lovely weekend and remember to be careful in the sun!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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