Year 4 – Portal Story Inspired by the Summer Performance

After an amazing performance of ‘ The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan’, written by Craig Hawes, one of the Players was inspired to continue Stan’s adventures. Here is a portal story written by Florrie.


Stanley Marvel has always been staggering. One day, he was trudging into Proton Park when he saw his Gran. She showed Stanley the most amazing thing in the world…FANTASTIC, ELASTIC, ANTI-GRAVITY PANTS! When Gran got them out of a charcoal, black briefcase, a golden glow appeared. Stanley put them on.

All of a sudden, the original staggering Stanley Marvel turned into the new and improved Super Stan! A second later, he found himself at the Candy King’s evil fun factory. Super Stan saw some weird minions eating bright- yellow bananas, candy wrappers on the floor and melted chocolate dripping down the white walls. As well as that, he saw giant gummy bears attacking sweet, innocent children who just wanted candy! Up ahead, there was a great glass elevator.

Entering the elevator, he saw tonnes of rotten banana peels. On some of them, there was some writing but Super Stan was drawn to one in the corner. The writing on it said…

“Concentrate or you will be home late!”

Ignoring the warning, he started messing around and slipping over banana peels. Finally, he arrived in the secret basement to find the mischievous Candy King who looked thrilled and delighted to see the new superhero-Super Stan.

Suddenly, his stupid ninja minions came out and attacked Super Stan. Luckily, he survived. After the fight, he realised that the Candy King had left the room. Super Stan pushed a door on the left of the room to find the Candy King on his colourful throne at the other side of some burning melted chocolate. Super Stan remembered he could fly so he flew over the chocolate and snatched the Candy King’s shrink ray off of him. Repeating the pattern of flying and walking, he finally returned home.

As quick as a flash, he turned into the clown Stanley Marvel again. When he saw Gran again, he showed her the shrink ray. She said let’s bury it in the back yard! So, they did that. Weirdly, the pants never worked again even though he tried a million times! Do you think that one day they will work again?




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