We have come to the end of the year and it has been filled with so many successes and wonderful moments for us all. Hundreds of hours of learning and playing, developing and growing have come to an end and a well deserved rest for everyone is just around the corner. The staff at school, as always, have shown their dedication and commitment to the teaching and learning in their classes. They have gone above and beyond every day, working tirelessly to ensure the children in school achieve in every way they can. I am thankful to lead such an inspiring team of people.

As families, you have supported your child and the school to ensure positive learning can take place- I am thankful for the hours of reading, key skills and conversations you have completed with your child, along with the sporting, drama and singing performances you have attended.

The children at school have been outstanding each and every day; their dedication to learning, their resilience to challenges, their perseverance to achieve is inspiring to be around and we are all so proud of them for their achievements this year. I am thankful to them for making SDS the best school to be in each day and for being a joy to be around.

As the journey for our Year 6 children comes to an end at SDS, I want to thank them for being themselves and for allowing us to watch them grow over the years into the wonderful young people they are. They have a new exciting journey ahead of them and I know they will all succeed as they pass onto the next stage in their learning. I can’t wait to hear updates on their continued successes.

As we begin our summer holidays, I look forward to seeing you all in September, for the beginning of another wonderful year at SDS. Many, many thanks for such a wonderful year.


Best wishes


Mrs Fennelly

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