What a great first week back!

The children in Wiggins and Robinson Classes have settled back into school very well. We have been busy learning new stories in our Talk 4 Writing lessons which the children can already perform with confidence. Some of the children have made fruit kebabs, tasting fruit they have never come across before. We have spent a couple of hours gardening and trying to make our pond area ready for planting. In maths we have explored numbers using lots of different concrete apparatus. In Kinetic Letters we are working hard to practise the letter families, remembering the correct formation and making sure they are sitting beautifully on the lines. We have allocated snack managers who make sure we all get a healthy snack each morning. The list goes on!

I am so looking forward to teaching the children this year and I can already tell that it is going to be a fabulous term. Keep up the good work everyone!

Mrs Haigh

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