Year 1: Who is in the forest?

What an unexpected day!!! Year 1 were quietly working away this morning when Mrs French and Ms Morrison rushed through the doors to say there has been an important phone call made to the children in Year 1! The person on the phone said there was a strange noise coming from the forest and that they needed the children to go and investigate. Quickly, we stopped what we were doing and went to check it out.

The first thing we noticed was that the forest school gate had been left open. We then began to wonder what could be inside in the forest that was big enough to push open a heavy gate!! As we approached the forest the children began to realise there were some visitors hidden away. We found a mouse in a small hole, a dog next to the tree and a cat climbing a tree. We were all very confused as to why these visitors were there.

As we came back into the class it became clear that our new talk for writing story is called ‘Baby Mouse’ and that the animals we met in the forest are the characters in our story! We then wrote a character description for our main character, Baby Mouse.

What a crazy morning!!!

Miss Leatherland šŸ™‚

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