Year 2 Ennis – Gymnastics

In our PE lessons for the last few weeks, Ennis class have been enjoying their Friday afternoon gymnastics lessons in PE.
We have been looking closely at our 3 shapes – star, tuck and straight. We have used these in many different ways and in lots of different contexts and games.

Last week, we enjoyed the sunshine (very different to todays weather!) and took our shapes onto the apparatus. We were brilliant at using these shapes in different ways. Look at the creativity!

This week, we’ve transferred our skills onto some different apparatus and used the benches in the hall. We had to travel across the benches in different ways using our bodies to make the shapes again. We have some budding gymnasts in Ennis class and again, we worked really hard to think of different variations of the shapes.

Well done Ennis class. I love our Friday afternoon PE session!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Gedney

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