Sports- Tag Rugby year 5/6

On Wednesday 25th September our tag rugby team went to Saints training ground to compete in a tournament involving 13 other school teams. The team demonstrated fantastic teamwork and passion throughout all our hard fought games. They narrowly missed on the playoffs by coming third place in our group.  Well done green team.


Match report: Oliver and Charlie (Blackthorn- 3 vs SDS- 2 )

A well played match using the whole pitch, excellent defensive line. Don’t throw the ball over peoples heads.


Match report: Masie and Charlie (Weston Favell- 5 vs SDS- 1)

Don’t pass too far back, don’t pass to anyone that isn’t looking


Match report: William (Ecton Brook- 1 vs SDS- 3)

Very hard game, well fought. A few trys not counted but very good performance by everyone


Match report: Masie (Kingsthorpe Village- 1 vs SDS- 4)

Worked really hard all game, Ava scored her first try


Match report: Oliver and Addison (Delapre- 5 vs SDS- 4)

There is only one receiver so spread out, always rub forward. We need to work on tagging more, good dodging the other team and keeping the defensive line.


Match Report: Charlie (Standens Barn- 0 vs SDS 3)

Masie K scored her first try.

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