Year 1 : Paddington Forest school

Paddington class had great fun in forest school this afternoon despite the huge downpour that washed most of our wellies!

The children begun the session by collecting different coloured leaves in the forest, we noticed that not only were many of the leaves different colours but the type of leaves varied. We then explored why this was and how some trees change in autumn and others do not.

The children then made forest school tree monsters using salt dough and natural resources on all of the different types of trees! It was great fun. Due to the heavy rain we have had this week there were lots of muddy puddles for everyone to splash in. In reading the children have been learning the story ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ so many of the children re-enacted the story in the forest!

Well done Paddington Class, have a lovely weekend!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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