Year 1: Paddington: Making Turnip Soup

Year 1 have had a very exciting morning as we began our new talk for writing topic. This term the children will be learning to write instructions on how to make turnip soup so we thought what better way to learn than to make the soup themselves. The children began by predicting how we might make the soup and what equipment we would need. We then discussed health and safety when preparing and cooking food and the importance of washing our hands.

The children all had a turn at chopping the turnip with a sharp knife. They were very sensible and careful, chopping the turnip into small chunks. Next we made the vegetable stock and the children took it in turns to visit the kitchen and stir the soup. Once the vegetables had become soft we blended them carefully and added cream.

The children were able to taste the soup they had created and the majority loved the soup so much we had to get extra cups for them to share.


Well done Paddington Class, a great start to our new topic instructions.

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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