Year 1: Who is in the forest?

Year 1 were sitting beautifully after completing their spellings when the phone rang! Mrs French discovered a secret message asking the children if they could go to the forest to investigate a strange rustling sound coming from the trees.

The children leapt up to grab their coats and we went outside to see what we could find. Before we had reached the forest we could see mysterious footprints dotted around the playground. The children predicted who these footprints could belong to (an ogre, a giant, a reindeer, a troll). As we approached the forest we noticed the forest school gate had been left wide open!

The footprints went deep into the forest where we found five characters. A lean mean fox, a small brown mouse, a fat old owl, a sneaky slithering snake and a huge hairy gruffalo.

Can you guess what our new talk for writing story is called?

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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