Year 1: Paddington: The Merchant of Venice

Paddington class have thoroughly enjoyed their first week of learning based on ‘The Merchant of Venice’. We began the week by thinking about who William Shakespeare and why he is important. The children have learnt about the themes of the story, the main characters and parts of the plot. To understand the characters emotions at different times in the story, we decided to step into their shoes and complete some drama based activities. The vocabulary and thought processes the children used were fantastic to see as they explained the emotions the characters felt and why they thought they felt this way.

Some of the key relationships in the story.

The lending of money and not returning it.

A father and daughter relationship and then when they do not get on.

The Princes wanting to marry Portia.

How Portia and the Princes might stand (sculpting a character).

Portia not wanting to marry the Princes.


Well done Paddington Class!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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