Year 2 Ennis – Portia’s Caskets

Yesterday in our English lesson, we started by doing some retrieval practise about our knowledge of the Merchant of Venice. We are definitely experts and know so much about the play. Can you tell your families your knowledge of the play?

We know that in the play, Portia and Bassanio are in love. The Princes of Arragon and Morocco both try their hand at choosing the correct casket to open in order to marry Portia. Bassanio also opens a casket.
We made a prediction about who would open which casket and then we did some drama. In our groups, we became the casket and used our bodies to show it opening. We also included the lines from the play! You can see these videos at our showcase event on the 31st January.

At the end of the lesson, we finally learnt who chose the casket containing Portia’s portrait…we all cheered with happiness as we found out that it was Bassanio!

Well done Ennis Class, you are continually impressing me with your enthusiasm and knowledge about Shakespeare and his plays!

Miss Gedney


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