Year 6 on Top Form!

This week Year 6 have been completing tests to demonstrate their knowledge of all the things they have learned as well as identifying what we still need to practice.  All of the adults who work with Year 6 have been incredibly impressed by the positive, hard-working attitude shown.  Every time we practice we get better at managing our time, understanding what the question is asking us and applying our extensive knowledge to different problems.  Surprisingly, many children said they’ve enjoyed the week although this is probably helped by the extra break they’ve had after the tests!

Everyone has also made a good start on the work in their revision books at home- this work really consolidates what we do in lessons and is a great way of recapping topics we covered earlier in the year.

Next week we’re looking forward to our warm write of a fairy horror story as well as a session in the reflective space and more time focusing on the work of Andy Goldsworthy, a sculptor.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs de B

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