They came, they saw, they conquered!

The children in Dahl class have really enjoyed their topic on the Romans in Britain. This week we have finished the topic by learning about how the Romans conquered Britain with their expertly trained army. The children were particularly impressed by what they learned about Hadrian’s Wall, which took 14 years to build! The children tried to put themselves in the shoes – or sandals – of a Roman soldier and wrote a letter in role about their experience in the army. The children also thought about which change the Romans introduced to Britain was the most significant and why. Well done, everyone. Next term we will be learning Geography about ‘Natural Disasters,’ with a link to the volcanic eruption of Pompeii.

If you have time to spare for an afternoon out in half-term, the Roman Museum at St.Albans is really worth a visit.

Have a nice half term 🙂


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