Players – Script Rehearsal For Tomorrow

Please learn your script!

You have all had your script for 3 weeks and we hope you have read it, highlighted your speaking parts, practised and know lots already. Tomorrow, we will split into three groups to work on scenes 1 and 3 – please see the schedule below so you can read through and be ready for tomorrow. Remember to bring your script to school.


Date Mrs Buckby: pg 14-19 Mrs Chisholm: pg 24-27 Miss Joinson: pg 27-29
2/3/2020 Scene 1 – Liza and Jack/ Pearl/ Aunt and Uncle Deadeye/ Fiddlesticks/ Redbeard/ All pirates/Squark



Pg 14 – 19

Scene 3 – Hornhonker/ Cod/ All Sailors/ Mr Wally and Mr Silly/ non speaking sailors/ rats

Sing through of Anchors away at the end


Pg 24 – 27

Scene 3 – Scuttle and Slack Scene

Read in for Cod

Sing through Anchors away at the end with Mrs Chisholm

Pg 27 – 29

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