Digital Leaders – Earning Our Microsoft Maker Champion Badges

The digital leaders are earning Maker Champion Badges by making, designing and coding using the Microsoft MakeCode website and BBC Micro:bit. These fun projects will help us explore computing and engineering, to build essential maker skills and use our imaginations to create something in our own way. Each project has three phase: make, code and connect. Our first project is to make a door bell for a person who is deaf.

Today we completed the make phase – we thought about the design and how the micro:bit would fit into the design. Next time we meet, we will complete the code phase to power our models. We will code on using the computing power of the micro:bit to give lights to our models. Then we will finish with the connect phase to make the micro:bits communicate with each other.

Each finished project earns a badge for our milestone sheet.


Here are a few photos of our creations so far.






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