Year 2 – Good Morning Ennis Class!

Good morning Ennis Class!

Did you have a good weekend? I had a lovely weekend and spent most of it outside walking with my mum, we went on two long walks and it was lovely to get some fresh air. I also spent some time resting at home and doing some very boring housework!

Today is your first day of home learning and hopefully you will be able to access our OneNote where your activities are. You also have activities in your home learning pack, but some of these relate to the days on the OneNote. For example, Day 1 English is to complete the Grammar paper in your pack. Have a go by yourself, remember an adult can read the question to you but you must try and answer it on your own. I will pop the answers up tomorrow for you to check your answers! You can email me your score then 🙂

I have also added a little surprise onto the OneNote. In the folder named ‘Ennis Class Reader’ I have added 4 videos which have the next few pages of our class reader so you can still see me, even though you are at home! You can read along with me with the pages that are in the file or your can just choose to listen. Check back every few days where there will be a new video with the next pages for you. I will also upload pictures of the text so that you can have the chance to read by yourself.

I hope you enjoy the activities that have been set for you and hope you will send me an email with what you have done today.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Gedney

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