Year 1: Paddington: Phonics Play

**Phonics play is now available on tablets and ipads!!!**

Good morning Paddington Class. Today I have been working on my phonics with mini Paddington.

First we practised our flashcards! Paddington wanted to do all of the flashcards and he did it in 3mins 15 seconds. Can you say them faster?

Next we played on reading robot. We started on phase 3 but Paddington found them too easy. We then did phase 5 and had to look out for that sneaky split digraph. Remember if there is an e on the end look out for the smile! Paddington had to be reminded if the r comes first it is not a digraph! When we get back to school we are going to need to check he is always listening when we are teaching him, silly Paddington!!!

After that we played buried treasure. In the flashcards Paddington found the ‘ar’ sound tricky so this is the sound we worked on.

Can you teach your teddy phonics on phonics play? It has now been made available for tablets and ipads!!!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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