Year 2 Ennis – Good morning!

Good morning Ennis Class! It’s another beautiful day.

Today is my first day of working from home, like you are! You have almost finished 1 week learning at home. Hasn’t it gone quickly? Do you have any tips for me while I’m now working from home? What’s been your favourite thing to do so far? I’m looking forward to going for a walk later on today.

If you manage to get outside today, either in your garden or for a nice walk, maybe you could do some Art? Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who creates art out of natural objects. Can you recreate some of his art work? Send me a picture if you do!

Image result for andy goldsworthy for kidsImage result for andy goldsworthy for kidsImage result for andy goldsworthy for kids

There are new activities uploaded on the OneNote for you to complete. In English, finding facts about an Elephant. This will come in handy when we do some more non-fiction writing next week. In maths, it’s a few more pages from your mental maths booklet. Don’t forget to continue using TTRS and Numbots.

Well done to Flynn who has already got to the Tin level on Numbots!

Image result for numbots

Here is Bethany’s story of the Lego plane crash. Well done Bethany!

It’s so wonderful to see the work you’re doing at home, so please send me more and I can celebrate you later on in the week!

Have a great day.

Miss Gedney


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