Year 5 Dyson – Monster Description

Lots of children in Dyson class have been accessing our home learning and working hard at the tasks each day. Here is a brilliant (and creepy!) monster description and drawing that Alice created on Tuesday:

Its shadowy, human-like figure crawled along the floor, as if it was looking for something. As it was dark outside, I couldn’t make out who it was. Suddenly, it stood up. This ‘person’ was not a who, they were a what. Its elongated, claw hands stretched out, showing a long, equally shadowy bracelet. As I reached out to touch it, the monsters faceless head grew a wide grin, sporting sharp teeth longer than my hands. I took out my knife, which I had stolen for my protection. Immediately, its lanky body shrank into a small cat, and sprinted way into the night. This creature, was not only evil, it was a shapeshifter, and it was coming for me.

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