Happy Friday Rowling!

Hello Rowling!

Congratulations on completing your first week of home learning. I am really pleased and proud to see the effort that you have been putting into your work this week,  well done you!

I have uploaded the next part of our class reader to the Rowling Onenote page- I will attach a picture below to show you where to find it… hope you enjoy it!


Moving your bodies as well as using your brains is so important so I will attach today’s pacesetters workouts below too. You can find these by visiting the pacesetters youtube page : PACESETTER@HOME playlist on YouTube.


·        10am – Wellbeing with Clare

·        11am – Warm Up with Seb

·        11.10am – Dance with Amy

·        1pm – Strength & Conditioning with Rob

·        2pm – Gymnastics with Claire

·        3pm – Multi Skills with James

·        4pm – Yoga with Claire


Please keep me updated with all the brilliant things you are doing at home. I love to hear about them!


Mrs Skuse 🙂

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