Good afternoon Murray Class!

Good afternoon Murray Class!

I hope you had a good weekend. It was my 30th birthday yesterday so I enjoyed lots of birthday cake :).

How is your Home Learning going today? For Maths, the activity was based on finding 1/2 of different amounts. Where you able to use the strategies we learnt in our maths lessons to help you to find 1/2 of different amounts?  For English, the activity was to begin to learn the text of ‘The Rainbow Pirates’ report. How did you get on with learning the text? Did you create your own Text Map of the report or did you use the Text Map on the One Note to help you? For Reading, your task was to read the story ‘A Tale of Two Feathers’ and then answer the questions by locating facts and details from the story. Did you enjoy the story and did you use the text to help you to locate facts and details? On the Spelling section, today there was an activity to help you with some spelling practise for words ending -il and words where s makes the zh sound. Spelling is tricky isn’t it but I hope after some practise of those words you will begin to know how to spell them :).

When you have completed work, please email me to share with me as to how your child is getting on.

I hope you are getting on well and I look forward to hearing from you :).

Miss McGarrity

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