Hello Mozart Class!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely morning so far. I’ve been busy reading the next part of our class reader this morning which, after some technical difficulties and the iPad running out of battery, I have managed to upload onto the class OneNote! I have also spent some time reading through the work you have been completing today. Some of you have started to complete some of your topic based activities which is fantastic. One of the Science activities this week involves going outside and creating a tally chart of the different sounds you can hear – today could be a great day to complete that activity while the sun is out!

Below, I have posted some pictures of some of the work you have been completing over the last couple of days. The English work involved using fronted adverbials while the Art work was inspired by the painting we looked at in our Art lessons – The Battle of San Romano. There are also pictures of some of the creatures you drew alongside your creative creature descriptions from yesterday’s English task. See if you can spot your work!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Harris

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