Hello Rowling

Good Morning Rowling class!

Well done to those children who completed their home learning yesterday, I loved seeing the photos of the shops for you set up for maths and the fabulous kinetic letters and spellings that you sent me. I was very impressed.

Did anyone put a rainbow up in their window last week? Lots of children where I live have got rainbows in their windows, it really cheers everyone up and its fun looking out for them if you go for a short walk near your home.

This weeks theme is sunshine! We need a little bit of that this week as it seems to be hiding. If you get a chance… see if you can get creative and make a beautiful sunshine picture to put in your window. I would love to see the ones you make so comment a photo below, email it to me or put it on your onenote page.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Skuse

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