Lennon-McCartney – Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning and welcome to April! We are getting close to the Easter holidays now and I am hoping that the sunshine returns so that we can have some more time outdoors in our gardens. I hope you are still managing to complete your online tasks and enjoy doing them, please don’t forget to email if you need any help. I have been very impressed with the descriptive writing from this week and wanted to share some pictures and writing with you all. The task on Monday was to design a new creature to live in the Magical Lake that was a mixture of different animals and the creativity that appeared was incredible! Here are some of the fabulous drawings of your different creatures and also 3 descriptions that particularly impressed me.






Creature name: Angel fish

Description: The angel fish is a mixture between an angel and a fish. It has golden, shiny scales ( like a gold fish ) and the upper half has a shimmering silver halo hanging above the head with pure white feathery wings. The most amazing thing about the angel fish is that because they are a mixed creature they have both talents such as flying and swimming.


Creature name: The sea-horse

Description: The sea-horse’s mane is the colour of some bright green sea weed and as silky as a shell. On her face, is a vibrant yellow colour which is smooth and sort of textured as a piece of glass. Her glaring eyes watch over the sea the colour of moon dust and if they are touched they will freeze. Floating in the water, dazzling purple hooves paddle gently on the sea floor. On the back of the sea-horse, neon purple stripes glow up the sea.  Her tail is curled up and goes side to side with sharp ridges. The sea-horse’s sea-weed covered body has a starfish logo.



Creature name: Rhino-dile

Description: A rhino-dile lives deep in water. It is a mixture of a rhino head on a crocodile body. It is a predator, it bites water-birds boots and forces its strong and muscular legs to swim up and uses its horn to stab the bird. Rhino-dile whacks dragon-fly with its long powerful tail. The crocodile body feels really rough like a tree covered with bark and the rhino head feels smooth like leather.


Keep up the hard work, you are doing amazing!

Miss Vokes

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