Year 2 Ennis – Wednesday

Good morning Ennis Class, happy Wednesday and hello April! Pinch, punch, it’s the first of the month! Let’s hope April brings us lots of lovely things, flowers, blossom and sunny days! It is nearly Easter. What are you looking forward to at Easter? I was looking forward to spending the day with my family, but I think we’ll be having a virtual Easter dinner now on Skype – I think that means I have to cook my own roast dinner!

It is also April Fool’s Day today. Are you going to be playing any tricks on your family today?

What did you get up to yesterday? Did you enjoy the work that was sent to you? Thank you to Freya who has sent through her English work where we asked you previously to find out some information about an elephant. Well done Freya – there are some fabulous facts there and I love your Elephant drawing!

Here is a fabulous fact for you – did you know Jessica Ennis (who our class is named after) has written a series of children’s books? Can you find another fabulous fact, one that I don’t know, and share it with me? We can share some fabulous facts tomorrow on the blog! You have also got some fabulous facts in your English report.

Today, for Reading, you can channel your inner reader and write an Honest Review of a book that you have recently read. I’ve been reading lots recently and I have read 3 books! I’m going to read our next class reader soon, before you do, so that I know more about it. What book are you going to write a review about? Share your review with me via email and I’ll share them on the blog tomorrow.

For English, you are continuing with your Rainbow Pirate report but today you get to innovate on that text and change some of the text. You can choose which sort of Pirate you write about. I would write about The Cloud Pirates, who live on fluffy clouds and eat candyfloss for their dinner and drink fluffy vanilla milkshakes! I can’t wait to read yours.

Maths is a fun one today – you have to use your reasoning skills and find our how many creatures Noah could have seen. Here’s the link to the webpage if you need any help.
You will need to get 12 objects out to represent the legs. Show me your working out please! Have fun with it – if you’ve got some toy animals at home, why not use them?

Have a great day Ennis Class. Check back on the blog later at about 11 o’clock – that’s singing assembly time and I’ve uploaded some songs to a blog for you to sing at home!

Enjoy 🙂

Miss Gedney

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