Hello Ennis Class!

Hello Ennis Class, we’ve nearly made it to the end of Week 2! Next week is the start of the Easter holiday and you’ll have lots of time to enjoy having fun with your families.

Do you remember our story Blown Away from earlier on in the year? The author of that text has been doing some drawing tutorials on his website and Youtube so I’ve copied them here for you in case you’d like to learn! http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob I like the sound of his Gregosaurus so I might try and teach myself to draw that today too.

Yesterday, I was sent a picture of L who had learnt how to draw Woody. I wonder if you can learn to draw something new and send it to me? We love Art in Ennis Class so be creative! There’s also a chance in your English task today to to design a new dragon! Again you can be creative and draw it in whichever way you’d like. I’d love to see them, with your descriptive sentences.

It’s been wonderful to hear about all of the work you have been doing at home. Here are some of the other fun activities you’ve been up to alongside your learning.

  • Learning facts about other countries and animals
  • Drawing Woody
  • Gardening and planting vegetables
  • making letters out of playdough
  • Writing letters to family members

You’ve all been so busy!

Well done Ennis Class, keep up the hard work

Miss Gedney

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