Lennon-McCartney – End of Week 2

What a fantastic week of learning and activities we have had! Even from your homes, you have been working really hard and also doing lots of other exciting activities – it’s amazing what creative things we can think of when we are at home. I have really enjoyed seeing some of the brilliant Maths games that have been created today and reading some fantastic creative writing about the picture of the coast. Here is a story that really ignited my imagination:

Dear diary,

Today I am going to explore a place that no one has ever been to before. I am so excited! I wonder what I am going to find? Maybe there will be an animal that no one has ever seen before.

It was a tough journey up the steep slopes but I finally made it. Wow! The view was amazing! It was like a tropical island with all the crystal clear water and the toasty ,warm sun. This was the perfect adventure for me. So I went exploring. I found a rare fossil stone, a giant shell and a treasure chest. I collected all these precious items and put  them into a secret sea cave that I explored earlier on.

 Just then out at sea I caught a glimpse of something moving so I ran down  to the water’s edge to see it  bit clearer. I suddenly realised that it was just my imagination so I ran back to my secret cave .To my horror, someone or something had stolen my treasure. Then I saw a tail waddling down the beach much like a duck with my treasure box! Out of breath I sprinted back down to the bay just to catch this thief. A mermaid sprang up in front of me asked a small quiet voice. The mermaid told me her name and asked me what I was doing with her treasure. So I told her. We had a great day playing and chattering together. From that day on  me and my mermaid pal were BFF’s for ever!


You have finished the second week of your home learning and you now have 2 weeks Easter holidays to enjoy yourselves! I look forward to hearing all about what you have managed to do during your holidays.

Miss Vokes

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