Hello SDS

Hello everyone and welcome to the Summer term.

Over the Easter holiday I was grateful for so many things that I often take for granted. Here are some of them:

1- Watching the leaves appear on the tree in my garden.

2- Having time with my children and enjoying some very simple walks each day whilst chatting about this, that and the other.

3- Being appreciative of the people who are helping us most at the moment and clapping for them every Thursday evening with my family and neighbours.

4- Enjoying baking and making sure the eggs and flour last that little bit longer!!

It has been great to see everyone back at our virtual school today and the teachers have shared so many great pieces of work with me that you have completed. Well done for getting back into your routines and, although I know it was probably tricky to get started, I know you will have felt so proud of yourselves when you completed your activities.

What have you enjoyed over the holiday? I’m sure there are things that you too have noticed or now appreciate more then before, please share them with us.

I’m off now to take part in the TTRS Teacher v Student Battle as it looks like you are all winning so far!!

Mrs Fennelly 🙂

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